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Annual Membership for the year ending June is currently $60.00 for individuals and $110.00 for couples (or $30.00 for individuals and $55.00 for couples if joining after December).

You will be advised when your application has been accepted and how to pay your membership fee.  When payment is made you will become a full SHPS Member and at your first meeting you will receive a membership welcoming pack and name badge(s) from our membership coordinator.

Applicants must be at least ten years old and members under seventeen must be accompanied to all Society events by a responsible adult, who need not be a member of the Society. An accompanying adult who is not a member of the Society may attend meetings and field trips without payment of any fees, but may not submit entries to competitions or vote at General Meetings. (He/she will however have to pay any costs associated with particular events.)  If the accompanying adult is a member of the Society, the discounted membership fee for family members shall apply. Members under eighteen years old are not entitled to vote at General Meetings of the Society, but are entitled to take part in all other activities of the Society.

Generally communications are by email.



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